Cultural exchange between Billerica, MA, USA and Billericay, UK

Billerica and Billericay February 25, 2012

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2012 – Hello Twinning enthusiasts! The Billerica Twinning Association has asked me to start this blog to inspire more consistent interaction and discussion between the members of the Billerica Twinning Association and the Billericay Mayflower Twinning Association.

2013 – This year the Billerica Twinning Association members will submit posts to this blog that correspond to the dates and events noted on our commemorative 2013 calendar. The calendar was created in celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Twinning of two towns – Billericay Essex England and Billerica MA USA

We would love to post and share your stories and photos relating to a Billerica/Billericay connection. Please email  –

Jayne G.


2 Responses to “Billerica and Billericay”

  1. John Brown Says:

    May I be the first to enter the Blog…..

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